Jehangir Shahid


“The 20th century and the technological revolution it has bought with it, is about global change, which can only be achieved by connecting minds globally. Therefore, at Leopards, we believe in connecting ideas-worldwide”

Jehangir Shahid is the founder and CEO of Leopards Courier Services (Private) Limited., Pakistan’s leading logistical services provider which connects people nationwide and offers services in the most remote areas of the country.

Born on July 15th, 1947, Mr. Shahid grew up in Lahore with his five siblings. Their father, Saadat Din, was a cotton dealer and his mother was a homemaker.

He attended school away from his family in the city of Abbotabad, at the Abbotabad Public School. He was always an inquisitive and innovative student who liked to experiment with new ideas; an aptitude which would later lead him to find his potential in the courier industry.

After completing his Masters Degree in Economics, Mr. Jehangir moved to Karachi in 1970 and joined the countries newly developing advertising industry. His company made billboards which targeted the cities major commercial districts. New ideas for promoting products were being developed as the concept of advertising was becoming popular.

However, as a recession hit the country in the 1970’s, businesses in Pakistan were greatly de-valued and could no longer afford to spend money on expensive advertisement campaigns. Then entering the manufacturing industry following his advertising streak, he was surprised by the involuntary lack of correspondence between businesses due to the lack of a secure and systemized courier or postal service.

Seeing potential for a courier company that could connect the whole nation, Mr. Jehangir established Leopards Courier in 1983 with five destinations in the country. His foresight and vision lead towards expansion of the company, and after establishing one of the largest nationwide networks, Leopards went international in the year 2000, setting up offices in Dubai, Singapore and China.

Moreover, Mr. Jehangir recently opened Leopards logistics and shipments; a division of leopards focused towards the national and international transportation of heavy shipments and containers. Being a lively socialite, he is a part of many business organizations in Pakistan, including the Chamber of Commerce and FPCCI. As a treasurer for the RAVIANS association, Mr. Jehangir has been a part of many charitable drives for the underprivileged.

Rizwan Saadat

– Executive Director

Rizwan Saadat is an extremely zestful, passionate and energetic young Executive Director of Pakistan’s largest logistics organization, Leopards Courier. His particular contributions to Leopards Courier, his family business, include launching over 10 different services under his leadership of 10 years, doubling revenue, achieving a consistent growth rate of at least 22% per annum, and adding extensive resources to upgrade delivery systems, including the induction of a cargo aircraft dedicated exclusively to Leopards Courier. Currently, Rizwan Saadat leads over 7000 employees throughout Pakistan as Executive Director.

Rizwan Saadat believes in empowering teams and relying on teamwork to achieve goals. He also maintains a non bureaucratic open door culture and makes it a point to interact with all managerial segments of his organization. He believes that is the most effective way to find long term solutions and build employee morale-by being approachable.

Rizwan Saadat is a member of various worldwide organizations based on developing entrepreneurial ideas in order find opportunities to interact with people from all sorts of industry backgrounds, including E.O. (Entrepreneurs Organization) and the Young Entrepreneurs Federation, because he believes, the best learning takes place by sharing personal stories of triumph.

On the future forefront, Rizwan Saadat is already strategizing the process to turn Leopards Courier from a logistics firm to a full-fledged supply chain management solutions giant. For him, the future will be full of changes.

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