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Now you can get important documents attested through Leopards Courier Attestation services. Our service is convenient and hassle free; important documents listed below can be attested without you ever having to visit MOFA. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan (MOFA) is responsible for the attestation for the legality and authenticity of documents (list mentioned below) required legal.

Consular Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad and all its Camp Offices at Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta do not attest either the contents or the genuineness of the document. They only countersigns the attestation made by other authorities like the educational certificates which have to be attested by IBCC and Higher Education Commission etc. The Ministry, thus, verifies the signatures of concerned attesting authorities. These documents include:

  • Documents issued by various authorities of central, provincial and local government which are intended to be used abroad or submitted in Foreign Missions in Pakistan;
  • Documents verified/attested by our Foreign Missions which are intended to be presented  in Pakistan

Further, the Ministry only attests documents in Urdu and English versions. Document or its translation in any other language other than English is not attested. Applicants may get their attested documents translated from the Translation Centres, approved by the concerned diplomatic Mission, in Islamabad and submit directly to the Embassies.
Documents once attested, will remain valid forever and hence will not be re-attested.
Attestation made by the Camp Offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Karachi has the same weightage and authenticity as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad and hence, will not be re-attested.
Photocopy or translation of any document will be attested when original document is presented or it is attested by a gazetted officer of BPS-17 or above.




Attestation Stamp (Rs)
(available from Post Office)



NikahNama (Urdu)

Rs. 5

Seal of Nikah Registrar; copy may be issued by concerned Secretary Union Council or Chief Officer or Tehsil Municipal Officer or Executive Officer of Cant Board.


Birth Certificates(Urdu)

Rs. 5

Issued by Secretary Union Council or Chief Officer or Tehsil Municipal Officer or Executive officer of Cant Board.


B. Form(Urdu)

Rs. 5

Issued by NADRA or old B.form having the stamp of District Registration Officer (in original)


Character Certificate

Rs. 5

Issued by District Police Officer


Medical Certificate

Rs. 5

Issued or countersigned by Medical Superintendent of any Govt. Hospital


Death Certificates(Urdu)

Rs. 5

Issued by Secretary Union Council alongwith ID card Cancellation certificate issued from NADRA or the concerned registration office.


Divorce Certificate(Urdu)

Rs. 5

Divorce Certificate should be issued by Chairman Arbitration Council of the Area or the Court judgment regarding dissolution of marriage should be presented for attestation.


Unmarried Certificate Affidavit Union Council Certificate

Rs. 10
Rs. 5

Affidavit from Parents and an unmarried certificate from Secretary/Nazim Union Council should be attached with the affidavit.


ID card Cancellation Form (Urdu)

Rs. 5

Issued by NADRA or District Registration Officer.


Driving License

Rs. 5

Original Driving License has to be presented at the counter alongwith NOC issued by concerned License Issuing Authority. Only original NOC is attested. Copy of CARD driving license is also attested.


School Leaving Certificate (Urdu)

Rs. 5

School leaving certificate of Class I-IX countersigned by District Education Officer and Class X attested by Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC).


Secondary School Certificate

Rs. 5

Attested by IBCC


Higher Secondary School Certificate

Rs. 5

Attested by IBCC


Diploma of One year duration and short courses

Rs. 25

These certificates first have to be attested by National Training Bureau (NTB).


Bachelors and Masters Degree

Rs. 25

Attested by Higher Education Commission (HEC).


Degrees/Diploma Certificates relating to
Medical professionals
PMDC Reg., etc. Experience Certificates

Rs. 5

All the documents have first to be attested by the Ministry of National Regulations and Services. The MBBS degree has to be attested by HEC.


Diploma of Paramedical professionals,
Nursing Diplomas etc.
Experience Certificates)

Rs. 5

All Nursing related documents first have to be attested by the Ministry of National Regulations and Services.


Succession and Guardianship Certificate

Rs. 10

Issued by the Civil Judge of the Civil Court.


Special Power of Attorney from Pakistan to person Abroad

Rs.60/- per executants, upto a Maximum of Rs.240/-

Power of Attorney should be presented alongwith Succession Certificate and Guardianship Certificate. To get the attestation the executant(s) has to be present in person to sign the Power of Attorney or it should be registered with concerned Sub-Registrar of the Revenue Department.


Power of Attorney from Abroad to a person in Pakistan

Same as above

Person authorized in Pakistan has to appear in person with original ID card to get the Power of Attorney attested from MOFA.


Documents relating to commerce/trade

Rs. 35

Attested by the concerned Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


English translation of all above mentioned documents

Rs. 25

Translation from the approved translation house by the concerned Embassy/Department will be accepted.


The following documents in original as well as the copies of these documents are not attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as these do not fall under the purview of the Ministry:

  • Passports
  • Domicile
  • ID card
  • Documents related to immoveable property (i.e Registries of the plots and agriculture land)

Drop Box Facility for Attestation of Documents at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Camp Offices 

In order to facilitate the general public LCS have been authorized to receive documents for attestation (except Power of Attorney) from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all its Camp Offices located at four provincial headquarters.

Note:Expenditure on stamps to be affixed on documents will be borne by the applicant.

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