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Frequently Asked Questions

How to avail the Golootlo discounts?

To avail the Golootlo discount, one simply has to visit the Leopards Express Center and scan the QR code, after scanning the QR code the app will be redirected to another page for selection of offers, select the particular offer interested in availing, the app will display a unique code which will be entered in Leopards courier system and then enter the billed amount, after which the discount will be validated.

Does customer need to be subscribed to Gold membership to avail Leopards offer?
There are two offers available on Golootlo, one offer is Flat 10% off on Leopards Flyers which can be availed by Gold and normal Golootlo users (unsubscribed users). The other offer is Flat 20% off on MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation) which can only be availed by Gold users (Subscribed users).
How to Subscribe to Golootlo Gold Membership?
Simply click on the menu button within the app, and click on ‘Become a Gold User’, the app will redirect you to another page where you may select your options to subscribe to Golootlo Gold, for further information contact Golootlo helpline: 021-111-566-856 or visit their website.
What is QR code?
QR code is a quick response code by which Golootlo discounts are accessed.
Where is the QR code, how can one scan it?
The QR code is already placed in the Leopards Express Centers, one simply needs to visit the Leopards Express Center, scan the QR code from the in-app QR scanner and avail the discount.
How can a user pay after availing discount?
One can simply pay via cash or via debit/credit card, if allowed by the merchant.
How can one pay for Golootlo Gold Subscription?
Golootlo Gold can be subscribed by four payment methods, Debit/Credit card, Easy paisa mobile wallet account, 1 bill payment and Telenor mobile balance account.
How to Check Subscriptions Are Valid or Activated Successfully?
Once user is subscribed, the top left corner ‘G’ Logo will turn to GOLD in color with a crown as a sign that the user is now subscribed to Golootlo Gold, by clicking on the Icon the app will further show that the user is a ‘GOLD USER’ by showing it written underneath the user’s name and number. Users can also check subscription plans by clicking on ‘GOLD USER’.
In which cities can this discount be availed in?
Initially this discount will be applicable in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It will gradually be introduced throughout all major cities in Pakistan.
How many discounts and services can be availed at a time?
You can avail a maximum of 1 discount per scan however, you can avail multiple services.
How to track your shipments and parcels?
To track your shipments and parcels simply visit our Leopards Tracking page on our website and enter your CN Number to get the latest updates on your shipments and parcels.