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We promise what we can deliver.

Get all your documents, parcels and other shipments delivered absolutely next day with our overnight express service.

Tailored to meet your urgent needs; book a shipment now and get it delivered tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Due to external circumstances beyond our control, overnight delivery may be delayed at times. If such circumstances occur, the company is not liable for late delivery.




The following are rates that will apply,

Weight LOCAL Same Zone Other Zone
Up to 500 gm 140 200 280
Up to 1 Kg 190 260 340
Each Add. 500 gm 95 130 170


 Deliveries on Holidays and Sundays include service charges of Rs. 250
 Where shipment exceeds the standard size the weight will be calculated on: [Length(cm) x Breadth(cm) x Height(cm)] / 5000


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